I'm Will Rinehart. I'm a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of the Techne newsletter at The Dispatch.

Fundamentally, I'm committed to human abundance. Technology and markets can empower humanity, but only if we are smart about it.

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My recent work

Public policy doesn't spend enough time thinking about how to reverse economic stagnation. I'm convinced the answer isn’t degrowth, the answer is abundance. Policymakers should adopt the abundance agenda.

I have recently written on the Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence (AI), how regulatory frameworks are challenging AI-driven services, the economics of the semiconductor industry, King Tut's meteorite dagger, the abundance agenda, FDA diagnostic testing regulation, excessive veto power, how real options analysis could help improve regulatory decisions, the cost of privacy, heuristics guiding my research into politics and policy, the attention economy, and broadband buildout.

Site organization and useful resources

My Substack is called Exformation. It's where I send updates on my work and publish personal essays. The blog on this site serves as a scratchpad to work out ideas before publishing them. My publications page lists of all my work, op-eds, essays. All of my media appearances can be found here. You can find my bio and more information about me here.

For my research fellows, I created a syllabus of key texts for tech policy, as well as a public policy cheatsheet. If you're interested in housing policy, I put together a housing and urbanism FAQ. For economists using ChatGPT, check out my prompts. For a full list of datasets, resources, technical manuals, and the like, check out my commonplace. I'm also constantly updating my working bibliographies on social media research, philosophy of technology, and theorems of cognition.

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