Abundance agenda

I have been writing a lot about the abundance agenda. So what does the abundance agenda look like in practice? 

Eli has laid out some of the action items:

If we wanted to raise American productivity, for example, we could simplify geothermal permitting, deregulate advanced meltdown-proof nuclear reactors, make it easier to build transmission lines, figure out why high-speed rail is so expensive, fix permitting generally, abolish the Jones Actautomate our ports, allow drones to operate autonomously, legalize supersonic flight over land, reduce occupational-licensing requirements, train more medical workersbuild more hospitals, revamp our pandemic-response institutions, simplify drug approvalsderegulate land use to allow denser housing and mixed-use neighborhoods, allow more immigration, cancel inefficient programs, restrict cost-plus procurement contracts in favor of more effective methods, end appropriations based on job creation, avoid political direction of scientific research, and instill urgency in grantmaking.

And there is more.

We also need to focus federal dollars on anti-aging research to extend healthy years, expand wildlife corridors through public-private partnerships, direct monies to tackle atomically precise manufacturingdevelop commercialism in space, speed up and modernize municipal permitting processes, refactor and simplify our regulatory regimes, better understand atmospheric aerosols to help climate restoration, create cheap UV lights to kill viruses, set up moonshots for carbon sequestration and for sea oxygenation, eliminate disease-bearing mosquitoes, allow better sunscreens on the market, make sure everyone can order prescription glasses online and access telehealth services, plant trees in targeted areas, develop cheap metagenomic scanning for biosecurity, and build desalination plants to help with water constraints, just to name a few.

First published May 4, 2023