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Selected clips

Fox 5 DC: Twitter tries to stop misinformation, but will it work?
Three weeks after booting former President Trump from the platform that helped give rise to his 2016 presidential campaign, Twitter is rolling out a new feature aimed at policing misinformation on the site. Birdwatch is rolling out in earnest, and Will Rinehart from the Center for Growth and Opportunity joined Jim on the Final 5 to explain what it means, and will it actually work?

Fox 5 DC: Tick-tock for TikTok
President Trump’s call to shut down the popular social video app TikTok could set up a precedent for other companies doing business in America. Will Rinehart from the Center for Growth and Opportunity at the Utah State University joined Jim on The Final 5 to break down the President’s recent executive order, and how that could alter how the government handles private business.

CSPAN’s Washington Journal
How did federal regulations impact the early U.S. coronavirus response?

CSPAN’s Washington Journal
Congress wants to take on the biggest players in the tech industry. In this segment from CSPAN’s Washington Journal, I discuss the antitrust hearings.

CNBC Closing Bell
President Trump took a swipe at Amazon on Twitter. On Closing Bill, I discussed if Amazon’s growth could make it a target for antitrust issues.

Tony Katz Show on 93.1 Indy
I explain a big concern with breaking up social media: “In terms of the overall impact of regulation on the consumer, that’s a bit of an unknown, Tony. I’m sure it will make some lawyers wealthy and it will certainly create a number of headaches for the companies and the regulators themselves, but in terms of actual benefit to the consumer, that’s unclear to me at this point.”

Big tech antitrust hearings - Will Rinehart on Legal Talk Network

American Radio Journal - December 17, 2020 - Lowman Henry talks with Will Rinehart from the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University about federal anti-trust action against big tech

American Radio Journal - May 21, 2020 - Lowman Henry talks with William Rinehart from the Center for Growth & Opportunity at Utah State University about the promise and pitfalls of contact tracing.

American Radio Journal - October 26, 2017 - Eric Boehm of Reason magazine talks with Will Rinehart of the American Action Forum about employee compensation in the ride sharing economy.