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One groundrule: Do the work. Always read the law. Always read the footnotes. Always read about the assumptions of the model. How to read an article: “The Butler Did It

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The seen and the unseen

  • Dissoi Logoi is a rhetorical exercise of unknown authorship, most likely dating to just after the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) based on comments within the exercise’s text.

The limits of knowledge in machine learning

Discounting and time

Information and firms

Economics of property rights

Economics of AI

Robots and workers

Zero priced goods

Platform economics

Public policy and wicked problems


NASA and space

The economics of privacy

Freedom of speech

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  • “This document contains the set of lecture notes from the late Gary Chamberlain’s 2010 Econometrics class (EC2120) that I (Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham) took during my economics Ph.D. at Harvard University. Gary was a remarkable teacher and this class was an amazing experience for me as a young economist.” [Github]
  • Cara Jackson is collecting Wooldridge’s Twitter lessons in a Google Doc.

From Christine Cai

Programming for economists, R, python, libraries, packages, etc.

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