What unknown technological invention will have a huge impact on the future? A compilation of Reddit answers.

On Reddit, it was asked, what’s a relatively unknown technological invention that will have a huge impact on the future? As expected, there were countless great examples, so I compiled them below and tried to organize them by topic.

Biotechnology and medicine

  • Microgel will be used to repair spines
  • Research into bacteriophages could cure antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA.
  • Gene therapy will wildly proliferate.
  • Wireless ECG machines will be more widely used.
  • Implants are being developed which can grow with kids. Importantly, children with faulty heart valves or damaged organs which require a synthetic element can undergo just one surgery.
  • Bio chips are now a reality of sorts. Means we can test various drugs and treatments on your genetics without doing it on you.
  • Printed human skin and organs.
  • AI/ML algorithms for medical imaging

Energy, material, and minerals

Robotics and transportation

  • Hypersonic missiles.
  • SABRE engines are hypersonic precooled hybrid air-breathing rocket engines, designed to achieve single-stage-to-orbit capability.
  • Agricultural robotics (pickers, sorters, computer visions for identification (phenotypes for example), etc.)
  • Brain-to-computer interfaces
  • Widely deployed sensors
  • Autonomous drone-swarm technologies (applies to manufacturing, emergency rescue, mapping, etc.)
  • Emotion and identification recognition through voice, gait, etc. using AI/ML algorithms

First published Sep 8, 2020