Stopping Easements Through Copyright

A Canadian artist, Peter von Tiesenhausen, has effectively stopped a pipeline through his 800 acre property by covering it with artwork and copyrighting the top six inches of his land as an artwork. Companies could gain use of his property through easements, but they are severely limited by the addition of a copyright. For lawyers and those who believe in property rights, easements are contentious.

Here is some more:

The copyright claim makes his entire property a work of art since he has covered it with visual art scupltures including “a 33-metre-long ship sculpted with willow stalks, winter ice forms, nest-like structures in trees, statuesque towers and a “lifeline” or visual autobiography composed as a white picket fence built in annual sections left to weather naturally”. The copyright also drastically increases the remuneration of around $200 for lost crops to around $600,000 for an ” artistic property disturbance”.

I am assuming they are in court, but I plan to read more about the claims.

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