Why The Concern with Troy Davis Irks Me

Let me start off saying this, it was horrible that Troy Davis got executed, beyond our country’s continued choice to execute criminals. I am sad that the burden of proof was so low that he was sent to his death.

Regardless, I think it was deplorable on the part of white America to care about Troy Davis. And for those who poured out grief, you, comrade, have no clue. Of course we had to care, he was a perfect victim. The evidence was undeniable. He was more than likely innocent and that is the point. The American media and most of mainstream society only cares about this issue when we are presented with a perfect victim. For all of those who are not so clearly innocent, well, we have no use for you. Oh, we use insanely brutal police tactics in Black and Latino neighborhoods? Meh. We have the longest sentences in the Western world? Meh. We put huge numbers of Blacks in jail? Meh.


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