Metaphors I Enjoy Shakespearean Edition

Over the past three weeks, we’ve seen just about every act there is to this political theater and, staying true to the time of Shakespeare, it seems every character is played by a man. Odds are that if there were more women in these discussions, the crisis would have been resolved by now.

Is the debt ceiling really an issue that needs to be negotiated? Or, is it part of a horrible game? Adding in women to the mix would be interesting, but the rules have already been set.

Let’s consider some truths. Congress has already passed the budget. Now, they are saying, no we are not going to raise this arbitrary limit we have put on the debt because of President Obama’s reckless spending. Who exactly passes the budget? Oh yes, Congress. It is a game of posturing. I think I saw this once on the Discovery Channel between some chimps.

Via Marginal Revolution,

The big benefit of the Boehner plan is that it is seen to be imposed – and the current GOP mindset is that it’s better to gain less by show of force than to get more by negotiation.

Tragedies have rules, but real life does not.

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