Of Course Free Press Authored It

From the, “Yes, of course we all knew this” file,

A letter that Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., is circulating on Capitol Hill expressing gushing support for FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s controversial proposal to subject broadband to tougher regulation wasn’t written by the congressman.

How do we know? Digital fingerprints left by the author, Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press, a media watchdog.

It’s common knowledge that advocacy groups and corporations routinely craft letters and even legislation for lawmakers. But it’s not every day they leave behind a trail of evidence confirming the link. Such is the case with Scott, who forgot to scrub the so-called “metadata” — yeah, I’d never heard of this either — listing him as the author of the correspondence making the rounds on the Hill.

I think its great that an organization helping to solve the Internet’s problems cannot even delete the metadata. Really?

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