Living in the Un-Sane Asylum: David Brooks Edition

The older I get, which isn’t really a high number at this point, the more I think I’m living in an insane asylum. So, in a new series called Living in the Un-Sane Asylum (U.S.A.) I am going to be bring attention to those people who seem to have a grip on some sort of sanity in this world.  Here is the first of the posts:

I do appreciate Brooks for bringing up this point, but personally his column leaves me wanting more.  The nutgraf is this:

To use a fancy word, there’s a metacognition deficit. Very few in public life habitually step back and think about the weakness in their own thinking and what they should do to compensate. A few people I interview do this regularly (in fact, Larry Summers is one). But it is rare. The rigors of combat discourage it.

Of the problems that afflict the country, this is the underlying one.

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